Clifton Special Police

Clifton Special Police

Lt. Darren Kester - Director of Special Police
SPS James Derco - Supervisor of Special Police

2015 Annual Report

Mission Statement

    As members of the Clifton Special Police, our mission is to provide professional community-oriented police services while patrolling the City of Clifton, primarily, its parks and educational institutions. Along with providing support and assistance to the Clifton Police Department during times of emergency and for special events, we are dedicated to protecting life, property and maintaining order through enforcement while enhancing the quality of life for all.

2015 Park Patrols/Recreation Department Events

     During calendar year 2015, The Clifton Special Police put in approximately 3000 man-hours patrolling the City of Clifton's thirty-three parks. This includes patrols, seven days a week from April through November and weekend patrols from December through March. During these patrols, numerous summonses were issued to violators of city ordinances and motor vehicle laws. In addition, Clifton Special Police Officers made arrests, when appropriate, for crimes and offenses which were committed during their course of patrol.

     The Clifton Special Police also provided police services for the various special events hosted by the Clifton Recreation Department throughout the year of 2015.

2015 Board of Education Events

     One of the primary responsibilities of the Clifton Special Police is to provide police services for the Board of Education's sporting and special events. These include Varsity and Junior Varsity football, boys
and girls basketball, soccer games and wrestling. In addition, Special Police provide security for all dances and special events held by both middle schools and the senior high school.

     Security, traffic control and crowd control for High School graduation is also a primary function of the Clifton Special Police. In addition, the Special Police provide the yearly escort for Clifton High School's "Project Graduation."

2015 Court Security

     The Clifton Special Police have been responsible for establishing and maintaining The Courtroom Security and Judge Protection Program since 2007. To date, employing the services of Special Police Officers in lieu of regular police officers, has allowed the city to save tens of thousands of dollars. The continued practice of substituting the Specials for regular officers will sustain this incredible savings for years to come.  

2015 Library Security

     The Clifton Special Police became entrusted in 2015 with establishing and maintaining the Clifton Public Library security program. Special Police Officers patrol the City's Main Library each day of the school year to ensure the safety of students and the public at large.

2015 Volunteerism

     One of the things that make the Clifton Special Police truly "special" is the fact that they are always willing and able to support the City of Clifton by providing police services, without remuneration, for worthwhile civic events. During 2015, The Clifton Special Police donated approximately two hundred hours of manpower, without charge, to the City.  

The events covered during 2015 by Clifton Special Police volunteers were as follows:

                    January 2         - Funeral Detail
February 28     - Funeral Detail
April 30            - High School Film Festival
May 19             - Youth Day
May 25             - Memorial Day Parade
May 26             - Funeral Detail
June 14            - Wounded Warriors Tank Pull
August 21        - Albion Park Family Camp-Out
September 21  - Funeral Detail
October 11       - Ptl. John Samra Memorial Run
November 8     - Veterans Day Parade
December 6     - Tree Lighting City Hall
December 24   - Mayor's Santa Parade

The Clifton Special Police take pride in their community and will continue to support worthwhile community events in the future.        

  Chief of Police - Chief Mark Centurione | Commander of Administrative Services - Captain Thomas Rinaldi
Director of Special Police - Lt. Darren Kester | Supervisor/President - SPS James Derco
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